How TO Find CSS Code In Blogger?

how to find css code in blogger

Blogger in the one of the biggest platform for online blog writers.It’s necessary to have a good blogger template for a nice looking blog.There are a lot of templates online, sometimes we need to edit them for many reasons.Actually, I also edited my template’s width by changing CSS code of my blog website template.There is not really a suitable option in blogger to edit the CSS so people get bothered sometimes to find it.So, I actually tried to find an easy way of finding CSS code in blogger template, If you wanted to do it properly you have to have some of the coding knowledge, without that you may suffer to find codes.

How TO Find CSS Code In Blogger?

First, you have to go to on your website page and right click and go to inspect.Something like will appear on your screen

To find the code easily you can select the “arrow” button added on the left side of elements segment.You can select the button and hover over the part that you want to edit.The element part is about HTML code and the Style part is CSS.First, you have to find the HTML code of the Part that you wanted to edit than you have to find the CSS in the Style segment, after selecting the HTML code go to the right side of the screen and search for the code you want to edit.Like, I wanted to edit the width of my blogger website theme so I find the HTML code-named “outer wrapper” and I clicked on it to go to CSS in the right section.I had to figure out which code I wanted to edit in CSS, to make sure I edited first on the inspect section.The main thing you have to do after making sure your code line is going to the “index” option on the right side of your selected code.

After entering the index you should see a yellow line highlighting your selected code line (in google chrome), also can see where your code is written in.After making sure your CSS code line you should go to your blogger account and enter the Theme option on left.You should found an option named “edit HTML” there.All the codes are written in this part, You can found HTML, CSS, Javascript codes in this segment.After entering in this part a page with codes should be shown on your screen.

The CSS codes are written in the red marked line.After few scroll, you should also found this on the page.Click the line and there you can see the CSS codes of your blogger template.Try to search the line that you founded in the inspect segment.

If you have the good coding knowledge you should find it easily.After you got the line now you are ready to edit it.


  • You have to have the idea of coding.
  • I did the edit on Google Chrome browser you may find it different in other browsers.
  • The number of the line in index might not be the same as the main code.
  • You should change the code carefully, it can occur some problem if it’s not written in right way.
  • You can also take help from an expert.

CSS web design codes are very essential for your blog website.Comment if you wanted to know how to design a blog, edit HTML template code or more about free blogger theme.

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