Why Shouldn’t We Access Dark Web???


The Internet is a big platform.A lot of information is stored on the internet, and you would be a wonder to hear that we can actually surf only 5% of them.The internet is a lot bigger than we could imagine.The big filed is divided in 3 stage.

  1. Surface Web
  2. Deep Web
  3. Dark Web

The surface web is a part of the web which is available and open for general people and searchable with a standard search engine.shortly the part we surf daily is a surface web. And the deep web stored with information which are not available for the normal public but a group of people who are only permitted for it.

But the main topic of the blog is Dark web and why we shouldn’t access it.I wanna inform you at first is¬†accessing dark web is illegal so don’t do that.

Dark Web

Dark web is stood with a huge portion of the internet.We can not access the dark web by a normal search engine or browser.We need a specific URL or Address to access it.Dark web is the black spot on the internet.It is filled with illegal things like selling drugs, cutting people live, child pornography, hiring a hit man for kill someone, important government information, illegal scientist experiments, black magic and more that we could not even imagine.Dark web spread too much that government loses control over it.In dark web nobody can track your address and find you out, that’s why this is so hard for the government to take control over it.

Why Shouldn’t we Access Dark Web?

This is too risky to surf dark web because one click can put you behind the jail or harm your life as well.There are many chances of getting caught by FBI or Police while you just surfacing around the dark web.A click can give your information or IP to the police.Suppose, you are just accessing the dark web for visitor experience without any criminal thoughts.There is a link popped up and you saw a message that saying you to visit this site for amazing pictures.You clicked but entered in a different side maybe based on Drugs and we can get caught for visiting illegal sites accidentally.

There is no authority or government who can put rules and regulation over Dark web.So, the people over there is free and enable for any kind of work basically illegal work.The portion of the dark web is filled with sites like

  • Silk Road
  • Red Room
  • Hitman
  • The Monkey House and more.

People buy and sell drugs in dark web and it is a big market for them.Even people can hire Hitman for kill or torture someone.People kill, eat, boil other live in dark web, Viewer bid money over and command how to torture them.The red room is known as the torture room where human get badly tortured by other and people to bid on it.

we shouldn’t visit there because

  • An unwanted click can trap us into a crime
  • it can cause our privacy
  • Offend us with illegal things
  • Create mental illness

We know that Dark web is an illegal portion of the internet.It is using for many crime that is out of reach.The government is working on the dark web and shutting down some sites, but it will be impossible without us to shut it down fully.We should not access it even for our curiosity.


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