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banglalink internet offer

Here’s an Infographic about Banglalink Internet Offer

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banglalink intenet offer

If you’re looking for some great Banglalink Internet Offer, this post is for you.

Banglalink is one of the leading digital communication services in Bangladesh.

Around 40 Million people continuously using Banglalink as their favorite network.

Most likely you’re one of them because you have reached out this blog post about Banglalink internet offers.

In this post, we’ve talked about the best Banglalink internet offer of 2019.

Best Banglalink Internet Offer

Banglalink never disappoints their audience, they always come up with new and interesting internet offers.

They also have some nearly free internet offers that can save you money.

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Previously, I’ve shared an infographic on this post about new Banglalink internet offers.

I’ve created a list of my personal favorite Banglalink offers that you can look after too.

  • 1 GB for 17 Taka with 1-day validation. This is my favorite because it offers a heavy Internet using option throughout a long day. Dial *5000*14# to active the service.


  • 3 GB for 99 Taka with 7-day validation. I remember going on a tour with my friends for 5 days. I was looking for a mid-useable internet pack and my one friend told me about this offer. You can activate the offer by typing * 5000*799#.


  • And for heavy usage, I always prefer Banglalink’s new internet offer which is 10GB (7+3GB) for 199 Taka with a validity of 30 days. The activation code is *5000*199#.

All Banglalink Internet Offer

Here’s is a list of all Banglalink Internet Offer 2019 that you might be looking for.

It contains all special Banglalink Internet offers, with also ordinary internet packages.

1 GB17 Taka1 Day*5000*14#
75 MB13 Taka3 Day*5000*543#
1 GB31 Taka3 Day*5000*31#
2 GB42 Taka3 Day*5000*42#
150 MB26 Taka7 Day*5000*501#
250 MB36 Taka7 Day*5000*522#
1 GB89 Taka7 Day*5000*516#
1.5 GB + 1.5 GB Bonus99 Taka7 Day*5000*799#
3 GB + 3 GB Bonus129 Taka7 Day*5000*577#
7 GB + 3 GB Bonus199 Taka7 Day*5000*199#
250 MB47 Taka30 DayRecharge 47 Taka
2 GB209 Taka30 Day*5000*581#
5 GB399 Taka30 Day*5000*599#
7 GB499 Taka30 Day*5000*508#

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[ Note: I don’t usually write this type of contents because it looks spammy, and this is also not a part of my niche.

But I have received a lot of response from my last post about Airtel number check , so I tried this time to create something similar.]

Source: All the information was taken from on 11 April 2019.




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