Android Phone Hang Solution With 12 Proven Tips

Phone Hang Solution

“Why my phone hang so much?” This is one of the common questions around the mobile phone users.

Nowadays, the mobile phone has become the smartphone with some smart problems and Phone Hang problem is the most irritating one.

To get rid of the phone hang problem first, we have to know what is occurring or creating the phone hang problem.

Why Does Mobile Phone Hangs?

Phone hanging refers to the state when a mobile phone will stop responding to the commands of the user. 

We all know that every mobile phone has their own capability or limitation of resources (RAM). If you overload the capability of your phone it may hang.

Or, some app that using more phone memory in the background may cause a phone hang. Actually, photos, videos, system cache etc can harm your phone dependent on the use of your phone memory or RAM.

There is nothing to worry about If your phone hangs occasionally, but if the problem occurs often, you should follow the steps below.

12 Proven Phone Hang Solution for Android 2018

So, you and your phone actually having some issues! don’t worry we are here to help you out.

1. Clean all Your unwanted image, videos, files, apps etc :

This should be the first step of you if you are dealing with the phone hang problem.  Running out of memory or storage cloud slow up your phone’s performance experience.

Go to your gallery and take a look at your media files, find out the files that you don’t need anymore and remove it from your phone memory.

alternatively, you can backup your data to your desktop or computer, if it is really important to you.

Photos, videos or other media takes more space in a smartphone. That’s why it could be the main reason for your android phone hang.

2. Move installed apps to internal to external memory :

By default, all apps get installed on internal memory. You can actually move your installed apps to your external memory (SDcard).

It will give your internal storage more room to do response smoothly.

To move your installed app to your external storage go to your phone settings > Apps > Apps info> move to sd card.

3. Scan malware & virus of your phone :

Malware or virus can cause your phone hang. If you have the tendency of downloading apps or files from the third party sites your phone can be attacked by malware or viruses.

It is really dangerous to have malware files in your phone. It may harm your phone performance as well as your privacy.

You can run malware scan by

  • Clean Master. (Free)
  • CM security. (Free)
  • Avast mobile security 2018. (Free)
  • AVG AntiVirus. (Free)
  • Virus Cleaner. (Free)
  • 360 Security. (Free)
  • Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus. (Free)

This all are top rated applications on the Play store, You can install one of them to run the malware scan on your phone.

If an application detects malware on your phone it will help you to erase it from your device.

4. Uninstall Unnecessary Apps :

As well said before, Free space in RAM or phone memory is essential for your phone to run smoothly.

You might spot a few apps that you had installed once upon a time but you no longer require them.

Uninstalling unnecessary apps will give your RAM more space. They stay idle in your phone and waste the all-important memory space.

So, you must not keep unwanted applications, Uninstall them right now!

5. Reboot Your Phone Routinely:

Rebooting your phone every day could be a good idea. It helps phone memory to be completely refreshed.

Switching off your remove all unnecessary data from your phone memory and it helps to prevent phone hang.

Phone Hang Solution

Doing it routinely will increase your phone performance.

6. Stop Apps That Are Running In the background :

There are many applications that run in the background and use your phone memory (RAM). It causes your RAM response slow and makes your phone hang.

To solve this problem got to settings>apps>running-apps and you will see a lot of third-party apps are running in the background.

Stopping them will give your RAM more space and it will help to boost your phone performance.

.Phone Hang SolutionPhone Hang Solution


7. Force Stop “sometimes important” Apps:

We all have some important apps that we don’t use often but we cannot uninstall those apps for many reasons.

I think many of us have that kinda apps in our phone. Like I have MX Player. I don’t use it often but I don’t want to uninstall it from my phone.

Phone Hang Solution

Force stop those apps will make them temporarily disable and will not affect the phone memory until you use it again.

8. Don’t Kill Apps From Recent Apps Menu :

Yeah, we all do it. If we feel that our phone is not running well, we simply kill our recent apps from the recent apps menu.

Phone Hang Solution

Don’t do that. Android is enough smart to make its own space for running apps, Killing them and restart it again hampers more phone performance than before by using more phone memory.

9. But Clear All The Apps Notification :

We got notifications all the times, especially when we use the internet. A lot of Notifications under notifications bar can slightly harm our phone memory (RAM).

And yes, we all got some unwanted notification from various sources. You can stop those apps from pushing notifications.

Just go to notifications bar>long press the notification you don’t want> go to app info> turn off the notification

Or easily you can go to settings>Apps>Running apps>go to the app that pushes you unwanted notifications>and off the notifications

There is a youtube video for you, you will understand it more easily

10. Don’t Use Mobile While Charging :

If you are using your phone while charging. STOP this.

This can cause various problems. It puts heavy pressure on your phone, it may damage the phone’s battery and hamper performance.

This can be expensive for long-term use.

11. Turn Off Your Phone Animation :

If any of these is not working for you, you can try this option but it will reduce your phone resolution and animation.

It is not recommended if your phone is new. But I can make sure that this option will turn down most of your headache.

To turn off your phone animation you have to go to your phone’s settings>About Phone>Build number

Phone Hang Solution Phone Hang Solution

Click the build number option 7 times for active your developer option.

Then go back to your developer option and turn off windows animation scale, Transition animation scale and Animator duration scale.

Phone Hang Solution Phone Hang Solution

This will help you a lot to deal with the android phone hang problem.

12. Factory Data Reset :

This is the last and best attempt to prevent your phone from hanging.

Factory data reset will erase all your internal storage data and all of your apps, long story short this option will make your phone just the way it was when it was produced in the factory.

Apps That Can Prevent Phone Hang Problem :

There is quite a lot of apps that can release some of your problems,

  • Clean Master:  It helps to clear cache and junk file from your phone and release a lot of space or room in phone memory.


  • Files GoThis is a smart app by Google. you can free up space, find files, transfer files and delete files easily from it.


  • SD Card cleaner: This app is just amazing !! it will analyze all your data and show you which file is causing your phone space and gives you the direct option to delete from it.


  • ShutApps: This app is mainly created for save battery but you can use it for shutting down unwanted apps from running in the background. It will help you to increase battery life and RAM memory.

Bonus Tips For Phone Hang Solution

1. Identify apps that are using your phone memory more than other apps. Go to settings>Apps>Running Apps to identify those apps. Mark them and uninstall them from your phone.

2. Don’t use your device for a long period and make sure the availability of your internal storage.

Before using a phone, You have to know the certain capability of the device as well you have to use beyond its limit.

Understanding a phone’s capability will help you to know what to do and what not to do with your smartphone. It will also lessen your phone hang problem.

In 2018, having a smartphone with high capacity will be a smart idea. In fact, the apps are developing nowadays need more updated smartphones.

If you are using an old smartphone like Android lollipop version. I prefer you to get a new one to match today’s application’s standard.

This tips might help you to get rid of the phone hang problem. If you have any ideas to share let us know in the comment section. Share it if you like to let other people know about how can they solve the phone hang problem.

Thank You, for reading this share with your friend if you find it helpful!

phone hang solution

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