Create Your Own Blog With 8 Easy Steps

Create Your Blog

If you want to create your own blog in blogger and earn money, You have to follow some steps. By following these steps you can easily create a successful website in blogger.

These are,

  1. Pick a niche
  2. Create Your Own Blog
  3. Buy a Domain
  4. SEO Friendly Template
  5. Create Important Pages
  6. Customize your Blog
  7. Setup Blogger Settings
  8. Create your first post

Pick your blog niche

You can start your blog about everything and anything but this type of blogs are often not successful as another niche blog.

So, choosing a particular niche is crucial for your blog.

But what is a niche?

Niche is something specific about a particular topic.

Think “baseball” as a topic the “best baseball gloves” is a niche.

Why you have to choose a niche?

A niche will help you to focus on a narrow group of people, be an expert, attract dedicated readers.

How to find a niche

Just follow your passion. Choose something you know and love. It could be anything.

Create Your Own Blog

You can create your own blog at It is a free platform and easy to use.

Go to and sing up with your Gmail.

Create Your Own Blog

After signing up, go to create new blog. Then click into create new blog and you will get on a page named create a new blog.

Then you’ll see something like this,

Create Your Own Blog

Choose a title for your Blog.

It could be anything related to your niche.

Then in the address bar, you have to write an address which through people can find your website easily.

Give your blog an address, it will be great if you choose your title as your address.

After selecting your address name blogger will give you a sub-domain after the name of your address like

Example- if you want to name your website Read Book every day. Then the blogger will give you a sub-domain like

If this sub-domain is available in blogger. If this domain is not available or anyone used this name, then you have to add some numbers or new titles with your address.

And lastly, you have to choose a theme temporarily for finishing the first step of creating a website.

Buy a Domain

Domain Is a permanent address of your site. Which through visitors can find your site quickly.

Buy a top-level domain (.com/.in/.org/.net). Search the domain name that you want to buy. If the domain is available, you’re ready to it.

SEO Friendly Template

Now you are ready to set your website. In this step, you need to select an SEO friendly template for blogger.

You can find SEO friendly template by searching on google or you can visit

And select an SEO friendly template for your site.

Download the template and go to your blogger theme and click into backup and restore. Then go to the downloaded template file and select XML document of this template.

Then click upload and your template will be uploaded.

Create Pages

Create some important pages for your site to make a successful website.

To create pages go to the Pages of your blogger and click on create a new page. Then create the pages of your site.

Some important pages are,

  1. Home page

2. About Us

3. Contact Us

4. Privacy & Policy

5. Terms, and Conditions .

Customize your Blog

Add Logo & Favicon

Create a logo of your site in photoshop or logomakr. And upload it in your site.

A little logo seems on the top of the web bar of your site is called Favicon. At first, go to the blogger layout. Now select Favicon and remove the Favicon of blogger. Then make a Favicon for your site.

You can make Favicon with photoshop or any online logo designing site like and set it in your site.

Navigation Bar

There is two navigation bar. one is top of the site and one is bottom of the site. In the top navigation bar, you can set those pages you create earlier or social media links of your site.

In bottom navigation bar you can set social media links, categories, tags e.t.c.

Blogger Settings

Blogger settings Is an important step to perform your site properly. At first, go to your blogger settings, and go to basic. Now set the title and description of your site.

Title and description will help your site to get the visitors easily. So, deliver a ridiculous description of your site and set it.

Then go to the post, comment, and share and select how many posts are you wanted to show in your page.

Go to the search preference and carefully add a meta description. The meta description is an important part of your website. Give all the keywords of your site in the meta description.

So, how to add a meta description we will explain in details in another post.

Now, go to the custom robots header tags and carefully mark in,

Home page= all,

Archive and Search pages= noodp,

Default for Posts and Pages= all.

And click on save changes.

Write some posts to see how your site is now looking. So, following those steps, you can easily create a successful website in blogger.

Publish Your First Blog post

Click “New Post” to write your first blog post.



Write about what you want to write and publish.

Congratulations you’re a blogger now!!

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