Does The Blue Whale Game Really exist!!!!!


in 2013 F57 named a hacker group in Russia invented a suicidal game named THE BLUE WHEAL. In 2015 they spread this game in a Russian social network named the social network contains many suicidal groups with depressed and broken human’s not actually a game. it is a challenge. It contains 50 tasks and the final one is death. these things are basically most of the people know about it. a research said that more than 180 people did suicide after playing this game. 150 in Russia and others from around the world. The game is not available on the surface web. It linked to the dark web.

but nowadays this game is also not available on the dark web.Many people searched for the blue whale game on the dark web but they failed. does the game really exists or not??

the people who did suicide by playing this game was hugely depressed and they lost there faith in life they already got ahead on the path of suicide. the game just way of them. not every human will die after playing this game. philipp budeikin said that “this game is made for remove the biological west from the society” so any normal people died because of playing a game they are really biological west.

there are some parents who afraid about this game for there children. but it’s not really a game and not even an app or website. this is not available in app store play store or in any website in surface web. even there is no clue that this game is even in dark or deep web. the BLUE WHEAL creators just maintain the game by communicating with the player by massaging, phone call, whats app etc. the group gives a task to the players. the player completes the task and sends evidence back.

so there is nothing to worry about. this game get already shut down in many sites. it is not available. many countries block the source of the game so this game is not in the air now. government is working for it. Philipp budeikin also got arrested by Russian police. and that all happened for the huge response by the people.


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