FINALLY the Solution of the Yanny or Laurel why people hear different? (EXPLAINED)


Are you familiar with the so far biggest internet argument of 2018? If you’re and wanted to know solution of the yanny or laurel, why actually people hear different? then you are welcome.

This internet controversy is dividing the people and creating a big argument over the citizens of the internet. A recent Twitter poll found, that 48% of people hear “yanny” while 52% of them hear “laurel”.

The audio clip was originated from a recording of an opera singer in 2007, and the word was “laurel”. Don’t be disappoint “yanny” guys it’s not actually your fault.

On 11 May 2018, a school student posted the illusion publicly on Instagram. It went more viral when his other friend posted it on Reddit the next day.

A YouTuber, Cloe Feldman posted it on her Twitter account and people went crazy over it!

Let’s try what you hear “yanny” or “laurel”? Comment your answer in the comment box!! I really wanted to know.

Solution Of The Yanny Or Laurel

Yes! everybody wanted to know the reason behind this illusion, wanted to know the solution of the Yanny or Laurel!

There is some frequency fact over the yanny or laurel argument. A professor of hearing sciences at the University of Minnesota suggested that “Yanny” can be heard in higher frequencies while “Laurel” can be heard in lower frequencies.

Sometimes it may depend on what device and the sound quality.

But what if you ware listening through the same device with someone next to you but you still hear different things? It might be for your age.

Because as we age, our ears are less about to hear higher frequency. If you hear yanny you might have younger ears.

Let’s see the visual image of the original sound wave created by Brad Story, a professor of speech, language, and hearing.

The image of the wave tells, it is most likely to be “laurel”. Because it contains the primary acoustic features of an “l” and an “r”.

Brad Story also created the visual wave image of “yanny”


and here is the visual wave image of  “laurel”

You can see the waves are pretty similar of the word “yanny” and “laurel”.

Professor Brad Story also said that “the low quality of the recording creates ambiguity”


solution of the yanny or laurelYou can see the acoustic features are similar to each other. So, the words might sound different but audibly they are pretty much same.

But the fun fact is if you turn down 30% pitch of the vocal you will hear the word “yanny”

and turn up 30% pitch of the vocal you will hear “laurel” clearly!!!

Our brain contains so much information so that it uses precise neurological pathways to focus its attention. Similarly, in this case, your brain unconsciously choosing which frequency to pay attention to.

If your brain paying attention to the high frequency you will hear “yanny” on the other hand if your brain paying attention to the low frequency you will hear “laurel”.

We can say the illusion mainly created by the frequency of the pitch. As professor Brad Story said the quality influencing the ambiguity.

special thanks to AsapSCIENCE

You Can also watch their video to understand the whole thing visually. I found out the main solution of yanny or laurel here.

So, Now you know the solution of the yanny or laurel illusion. We did a huge research on the internet to found out the best solution of the yanny or laurel. THANK YOU SO MUCH  for reading it. If you liked it comment down to let us know. Don’t forget to share with your friends!!

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