Fortnite First Birthday Celebration All Rewards And Challenges


Fortnite’s First Birthday

On July 24, 2017 Epic Games published Fortnite: Save The World. It wasn’t as successful as now when it was first released. But the addition of Battle Royale has given the game a skyrocket boost in early 2018.

Fortnite will celebrate their first birthday on upcoming July 24 of 2018. To celebrate the occasion Epic Games has announced a collection of rewards and challenges for the players.

Fortnite Birthday Celebrations Rewards Event Date

This Fortnite birthday celebration rewards event will start on July 24, 2018 and it might a one-day event, so make sure you’re online and ready to grab all of these Fortnite rewards.

Fortnite First Birthday Celebration Rewards And Challenges

Fortnite is preparing to celebrate its first birthday with a limited-time event. You can unlock birthday-themed cosmetics and an XP bonus by complete a set of special challenges.

In Epic Games’ official blog, they talked about 3 different challenges and 1 meta-goal of completing all three challenges.

Fortnite First Birthday Celebration Rewards

  • Deal 1,000 damage to opponents: By dealing 1,000 damage to opponents, you can unlock the Fortnite Birthday Emoticon.


  • Dance at different birthday cakes: Players have to dance in front of 10 different birthday cake to unlock the Happy Birthday Spray.


  • Play 14 matches: By playing 14 match players will be rewarded 5,000xp.

After finishing all 3 Challenges, you will earn a Birthday Cake Back Bling.

Fortnite First Birthday Celebration Rewards: Save The World

There will be some special rewards in Fortnite: Save the World mode.

If you finish the Fortnite Birthday storyline, you’ll unlock the Birthday Brigade Ramirez Hero.

Players will also have the chance to unlock heroes from all of the first year’s events from special Birthday Llamas by spending some tickets,

which can net you Heroes and weapons from all events in the past year, excluding quest rewards.

It’s exciting to see Epic hosting a large event like this to celebrate Fortnite’s first birthday, but it’s even more exciting that the challenges won’t be hard to complete.



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