How To Check Airtel Number, GP, Banglalink & Robi

How To Check Airtel Number

How To Check Airtel Number Bd, GP, Banglalink, Robi, Teletalk Sim Number

Some people forget their own phone sim number, and this special article is for them. we will discuss how to check airtel number, gp, banglalink, robi sim number.

Sometimes it might be urgent for someone to know own sim number.

You can know in a few seconds by using some USSD code on your phone keypad.

Let’s know how you can know your own sim number in seconds.

We created a short table for easy search purpose.

After that, we will describe it step by step if you having any problem to check your own phone number.


BD Check Own Sim Number with USSD Code

Sim OperatoreCheck Own Phone Number
Airtel (016)Dial *121*7*3#
GrameenPhone (017)Dial *2#
Banglalink (017)Dial *511#
Robi (018)Dial *140*2*4#
Teletalk (015)Dial *551#


How To Check Airtel Number Bd (Airtel Number Check)

If you have found your lost airtel sim card or wanted to know how to check airtel number you are in the right place!!

First, you have to go to your phone dial pad and type Dial *121*7*3#. A message will pop up in your phone screen with your own phone number!!


How To Check GP Number

Bangladesh has lots of GrameenPhone Users.

If you are wondering how to check your gp phone number here is the magical USSD code. Just type *2#  and now you have your phone number.

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How To Check Banglalink Number

Banglalink is the Second most used sim company in Bangladesh.

If you are one of them and wanted to know your banglalink number, type *511#  you will get your phone number.


How To Check Robi Number

Go to your phone keypad and type *140*2*4#  to know your own Robi phone number.


How To Check Teletalk Number

The easiest way to know your Teletalk number is *551#  Just type it and you have your number.


Now you know How To Check Airtel Number, GP, Banglalink, Robi, Teletalk number in BD! Airtel Number check now!!

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