How to use Google AdWords


Wanted to get more traffic on your blog or website ? wanted to get the best topic for your blog ? There is a free google keyword planner tool. with this tool you can find new keywords ideas that relevant to your target audience.You can also get the specific  idea of how many people are searching on your chosen topic and how much cost per click advertisers are paying for a keyword.

google Adword have a search volume feature that allows user to get the specific idea of a subject.


First Go to google Adword .Then sing up with your google account then go to tools

there you should see a keyword planner tool, got to there and search for your keyword and click to get ideas there you can find the keywords with competition range and CPC (Cost Per Click) of keywords.

i have a suggestion for you who will use keyword planner to get more traffic. You should pick the low competition keyword with good CPC. And that will help to to grab the position higher in google search.

the average per click cost of google keyword tool is 1$-2$.But you can find many keywords with high CPC in adword. that will help you to make more money and get more people in your site.


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