Online Income In Bangladesh – Why Most People Fail


This is a pretty off-topic blog about online income in Bangladesh

I read a lot of blog post about how you can make money online but none of them describes why you’re not making money online.

This blog post is more about the obstacles that pulling you backward from online income.

So, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy our post

There could be many reasons why you’re not making any progress in online income.

Why you can fail in online income in Bangladesh

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Obstacles to making money online in Bangladesh

Make Money Online fast

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The phrase “make money online fast”¬† has around 14000 searches per month on Google.

That number shows how eager people are about making money online fast.

And the main thing is who doesn’t want that?

We all want to make money quick, easy and without doing anything.

But money doesn’t work like this,

I rather think it is the exchange of value that we create in other’s life.

In the term of online income, money-making prosses become much difficult.

But why is that?

The Internet is a huge network, but can you guess how many websites are on the internet?

Around 1.6 billion websites, 505 million blogs, and 2 million blog post are being published every day.

Most of them are working for money. The competition is so huge that you can’t do a helicopter landing in this field and earn from first weak.

I don’t deny that you can’t make money fast, it is possible but it needs a lot of hard work.

But, if you have thought that making money on the internet is easy. It is not.

This type of thinking can ruin your project, creativity, and confidence.

I know a lot of people who started the online income journey and a few months later they give up.

And the main reason for giving up is “lack of confidence”

They started their journey by knowing it will be easy to make money online.

This thought gives them the confidence to work online. But when the easy things start to become hard, their confident start fading.

& lastly, they give up.

They give up not for the difficulties in online income, they give up for the lack of dedication.

Want of overnight success and response

This type of thinking is mostly visible among new teenage Youtubers in Bangladesh.

But, there is no such thing as an overnight success.

I know a lot of young YouTubers who consistently working to make a viral video

Because viral videos will help them to reach a greater audience in a short period of time.

& this is all true. Viral videos help content creators to get their exposer but it doesn’t work every time.

If you’re a new YouTuber or blogger or freelancer and you’re trying to get exposer overnight it is sorry to say that it will not help you with online income in Bangladesh.

Viral content might give you success, fame, and money but it will not extend longer.

After a few days or months, everything will be the same as it was before.

Instead of making viral content you can try to make helpful content that actually solves people’s real problem.

Take it as you can make contents like “Best 5 ways of online income in Bangladesh” instead of “Earn 500$ every hour through this website”

And this type of contents is evergreen and can create a great source of passive income.

Lack of require effort in your work

Consistency of content is important in an online income.

Let’s hear a story of mine.

I had serval blog websites before & mostly I created them for an online income.

In my one blog site, I published 30 blog post in just two weeks.

I was so happy about it because I thought it will help me to get Google AdSense approval, a lot of visitors will come to my blog and I will make a lot of money.

And later nothing went as my expectation.

I was really upset about that situation because I really worked hard to write 30 posts in two weeks.

But today I know why I didn’t make it then.

Yes, I was writing too hard but I wasn’t doing the full work. Just writing post doesn’t help a blog to grow.

It needs SEO, keywords, backlinks, social media marketing, etc.

And I was doing none of them.

Doing hard will not help the online income you’ve to do it right.

So, if you’re not making any progress in your work, just take a moment and look for the reason.

Copying Other’s Content

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Copying could be the reason behind online income failure.


Copy-paste or stelling content is illegal

Google takes strong actions against stolen content.

They can remove your content from the search engine, permanently ban indexing and disable your AdSense account.

So, it’s not a very good idea to copy others content.

Do you know Google rank higher unique & fresh contents?

The benefits of unique content are huge. It helps to get new visitors, hit a higher position on the search engine.

Google has made it crystal clear that it will always favor unique content that is valuable to people over content that is written primarily to rank for Google.

So, make sure to write unique content to get more benefit in online income in Bangladesh.

Less passionate about your work

Passion brings enjoyment in work.

If you’re passionate about your work it would seem less difficult for you.

I know some people just do their work for money. Money is important but more important is your love for work.

If you don’t enjoy your work time you’ll not make any progress in online income in Bangladesh.

Everything will seem frustrating to you.

And, this frustration happens more when we work online.

In order to make money online, patience is important. But the work frustration can kill your patience.

If you don’t enjoy it don’t do it

Yes, don’t do it.

How can you find a passion for your work?

According to The Telegraph, you can ask yourself three questions

  1. What subject could I read 500 books about without getting bored?
  2. What could I do for five years straight without getting paid?
  3. What would I spend my time doing if I had a complete financial abundance to do anything?

I hope your answers will give you a better understanding of your passion.

You can also try out different things too. Like you can go to festivals, seminars, programs meet new peoples, travel to know about you and what you love.

Maybe none of the above

Yeah, it could be none of the things above.

Different platforms have different difficulties, What if you’re doing all the things right but still not making any online income in Bangladesh?

I will share with you a tip what most people miss in the term of making money online

Know before go

If you don’t know what you’re doing on the internet market you’ll not make it.

Most of us just kick a start, the start is important but knowing about it is more.

But, you might be wondering what you’ve to know?

You’ve to know your business model.

Youtube, Blogs, freelancing everything is an independent business.

You have to know the right way of making money from it.

We have a blog post about “5 proven ways of making money online

You can check it out if you want to make money online.

Question “Did you start your online income in Bangladesh yet?”

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