Roku ultra 4K streaming player is down to its lowest price ever !!


Roku Ultra 4K streaming player

If you’re looking for a new streaming media player, now is the time to get one. Roku ultra 4K streaming player is just $79.99 on Amazon!!

That’s a great price for this 4K and HDR media streamer since it is usually priced at $99.99, and the main fact is this price is actually the lowest it’s ever sold for.

Roku ultra 4K streaming player does support 4K and HDR and this is the highest-end media player from Roku.

You will get some high-quality picture from this streamer. It has a great and easy to navigate interface.

This Roku ultra 4K streaming player has most popular streaming apps available, including YouTube, Google Play Movies,  Netflix, Hulu, HBO GO & TV,  DIRECTV NOW, Sling TV,  and HBO Now from dedicated buttons on the remote.

You can also search by your voice because the remote has built-in voice search feature and a headphone jack.

You can stream more than half a million movies and TV shows from Roku ultra 4K streaming player via various apps.

If you already cut the cord, you will love to have one of these attached to your TV.

lets quickly look at its overall features,


Roku Ultra 4K streaming player features:

  • It supports 4K and HDR streaming.
  • The most popular streaming services and apps are available here.
  • Powerful quad-core Processor and best wireless performance
  • The streaming box has a USB port.
  • It also has a microSD slot.
  • Built-in Voice search feature into the remote.
  • Remote finder feature.
  • With headphones for private listening.

Roku makes some of the best streaming devices and it is one of them. If you have canceled cable or satellite service and costs or cut the cord you can try it.

The price ($79.99) of Roku Ultra 4K streaming player is only available on Amazon.

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